Monday, October 7, 2019

Third Grade Diorama!

Third Grade Habitat Diorama

Dear Third grade! 

It is time to begin wrapping up our Habitats science unit! In your final project you will need to demonstrate your understanding and learning about examples of diverse life forms in different environments such as Oceans, deserts, forests, grasslands or wetlands etc etc.
You will also be required to answer a question sheet about what causes change to the environment in your habitat and recognize detrimental effects. Can animals and plants survive or adapt to these changes, do they need help doing so? Can they, and do they move to new locations in order to survive? Have some organisms that once lived in your habitat, completely disappeared due to the environmental impact of these changes?

What You Will Need:

Colored paper
White glue or glue stick
Craft items: Not limited to: colored clay, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, glitter, buttons, scrap fabric, beads, pine cones, cotton wool, figurines etc. Markers, paints or crayons
Completed habitat worksheet
Completed Cause And Effect Environmental Change worksheet

What You will need to do:

1. Decide on what type of habitat you would like to create. 
2. Set the empty shoebox on its side, with the inside facing towards you. This is the set where your habitat will unfold! 
3. Start by setting up the background, just like a set designer. Imagine your habitat.
Which habitat are you trying to recreate? Is it the morning, a sunny day, or night time? Is your habitat underground, outdoors or underwater in an ocean?
4. Next, begin to create details and props. You can use any number of materials but make sure they are used, or made to scale and fit comfortably within the small box.
5. Once all elements of the scene are constructed, check that everything depicting your habitat and animal life are there. Does anything need to be added?Is there too much?
6. Glue the objects in place. 
7. Display your diorama with the completed worksheet to describe your animal and habitat.
8. Complete the Habitat impact, cause and effect worksheet.  

Due Date: Monday, October 28th.
 Points weight : Diorama 60 % 
Habitat Description Worksheet 20%
Cause And Effect Environmental Change worksheet 20%