Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Homework February 18th-

Tuesday, February 18th
Spelling Test on Friday
2 word maps
Handwriting pages 80, 81, and 82

Please continue to practice multiplication and division facts. It will help with writing fractions in their simplest form.


Wednesday, February 19th 

Reach handout page PM5.15  Write 5 sentences comparing two fun times with each other. Question at the bottom of PM5. 15.

Math pg 12-6

Science Poster due on Friday 2/28
Make a poster on the 3 states of matter. (For an extra challenge, you may include information on plasma, the fourth state of matter.) Include at least two characteristics / properties of each state of matter and provide at least two examples.Please use the examples on the handouts given to help guide your thinking process.You may use the 12 in x 18 in paper provided or use your own bigger paper.You may also use your science notes to help you.Remember to have fun! The grading rubric is as follows:
10- science content
10- presentation 
5- effort & critical thinking 
5- spelling & grammar
Out of 30 points


Thursday, February 20th 
Spelling Test tomorrow!

Read! Please find the total number of minutes you read and write it in your planner.