Thursday, March 19, 2020

Friday, March 20th

Please do not email me student work. I am researching a more efficient way to collect student work. Thanks!

8:15- 9:15 Mass

9:20- 10:15 Language Arts
20 minutes Practice for Spelling Test & review meanings of spelling words (The spelling words are written down in your student planner. You may use a dictionary to help you with what the words mean.)
20 Spelling Test (Ask someone to test you)
10 minutes Power Write: Use as many spelling words in sentences as you can. Remember to write as fast as you can and as best as you can. 

10:15- 10:45 Snack & Recess

10:45- 11:15 Gratitude:
I am grateful for my family, my friends, and my students. I’m grateful for my health, for good food, my house, and the sunshine. Tell your parents ten things for which you’re grateful. Maybe your parents will tell you what fills them with gratitude, too!

First Zoom group at 11:00-11:30
Second Zoom group from 11:30-12:00
Please have your math sheet 13-1 Practice and Reteaching with you.)

11:15- 11:30 Music 

11:30- 12:15 Art 
Get out some paper and crayons! Hear from an author and learn how to draw Elephant & Piggie with author Mo Willems!

(optional) Episode 2

12:15- 1:00 Lunch

1:00- 2:15 Library/ Tech
40 mins. Read a book of your choice. ( I hope you learned about new books to read in the future from your friends. :))
40 Tech- I-pads Login and read two stories in Razz kids of your choice. 

Happy Friday!