Friday, March 20, 2020

Monday, March 23rd

Happy Half Day !

8:30- 9:30 Language Arts 
Please write the new spelling words for the week in your planner. The spelling test will be on Friday. Here are the spelling words all used in sentences. Please think about what each word means. Use the sentences to help you. 

1.adore I adore line dancing, but my sister loves it even more. 
2. artworks The artworks at the museum include sculpture, paintings, and photography. 
3. birthday For my ninth birthday, I’m having a soccer party.
4. border Nyla put a pretty border of musical notes along the edge of her scrapbook page. 
5. chorus Singers in a chorus have different parts to sing.
6. circle In many folk dances, partners move around a circle
7. current Hip- hop is still current and popular, even though it has been around for many years.
8.margin My piano teacher often writes notes to me in the margin of the sheet music I’m learning. 
9. murmur People at the concert spoke in a low murmur as the lights dimmed. 
10. nervous The signer was so nervous at first that his voice cracked and his whole body shook.
11.normal It is normal for young ballet dancers to have blisters on their feet from their ballet slippers. 
12. purple The drummer wore a purple vest over a red shirt.
13. usher Let the usher show you where your seats are. 
14. verses The song had four verses, but we knew all the words.
15. version I am learning a newer, jazzier version of an old song. 

Watch Out Words
16. acts The last two acts of the musical took place in a forest.
17. ax The singer pretended to chop wood with an ax as he sang.
18. hour  The play lasted for one hour and twenty minutes.
19. our We got up out of our seats to clap at the end. 

Now it is your turn. Write sentences using 10 spelling words of your choice. 
Extra Challenge: Write sentences using all of the words. 
Please underline all of your spelling words. 

9:30- 10:00 PE

10:00-10:15 Read a book aloud for 15 minutes. Please practice reading with fluency. 
10:15- 10:45 Snack & Recess

10:45- 11:45:15 Math 
Student textbook 
1. 13-2 #1-14
2. Correct #1-14 in a red pen.
3. Please redo any problems that are wrong in a red pen.

(Tomorrow will be problems 15-29)

Zoom meeting 1 11:00-11:30 
Zoom meeting 2 11:35- 12:05
Please bring your math book, math notebook, pencil and eraser to the meeting. Have your textbook turned to 13-2. Thanks! 

Zoom meeting rules:
If possible, please sign into zoom using the student’s name. 
Please raise your hand or hand icon if you would like to talk.
Please keep background noise silent if possible. 

  1. ¾ 
  2. 5/5
  3. Check to see if there are any numbers, besides 1, that both the numerator and the denominator can be divided by evenly. 
  4. ½
  5. 2/2 or 1
  6. 6/7
  7. ½
  8. 10/11
  9. ¼
  10. 4/7
  11. ¾
  12. 7/9
  13. 9/10
  14. 8/8 or 1
  15. 9/11
  16. 7/10 of the distance
  17. ½ of the pie; add ⅛ + ⅜= 4/8. To find the simplest form, divide the numerator and denominator by 4. 4/8=½
  18. D. 325
  19. 36 minutes
  20. 3/6 or ½ of the paper used

    11:45-12:15 Language Arts 
Handwriting pages 118,119, & 120 
Note: Underline the title of books

12:15 Dismissal