Monday, March 2, 2020

Homework March 2nd

Monday, March 2nd

Spell A Thon test Friday

Please practice spelling words using white boards. For an extra challenge, use as many spelling words as you can in complete sentences in ten minutes. Remember to write as best as you can as fast as you can.

Handwriting pages 92 & 93 (All pages from 66 to 93 should be finished.)

3rd Grade Family Mass this Sunday, March 8th

Bring back to school Science Notebooks


Tuesday, March 3rd

Handwriting pages 94 & 95

Math 12-7


Wednesday, March 4th 

Reading- Venn Diagram & highlight or underline evidence in article and blog

Read STM online newsletter every Wednesday night as a family.


Thursday, March 5th 

Social Studies- Write three sentences about your president. Each sentence should include an adjective describing your president and one reason/fact why you picked that adjective.

Spell A Thon test tomorrow & Spell- A Thon pledge sheets due tomorrow

Please practice spelling words. For an extra challenge, you may practice spelling in cursive.

Read and total the number of minutes you read this week.