Thursday, March 12, 2020

Welcome to Distance Learning 2020

Hello Third Grade Families, 

Welcome to Distance Learning 2020. Students have work packets, login info, textbooks, and science novels in their tote bags that they will need to use for the next two weeks. Students will also need access to the internet. Please download the app Raz Kids and Dreambox if you haven’t already done so.  iPad School Code: kzhe/nap2

I will be updating the blog daily so please check the third grade blog every day by 10 AM.  Attendance will be taken everyday at 10AM.

There will be assignments in all subjects every week. Assignments will be due by the next day at 2:30 pm. Please take a photo of all completed assignments for the day and email them to me. I will correct it and send it back. Please write the date and all completed in the subject title. For example, Thursday, March 12th all completed or Friday, March 13th all completed. Please remember that Monday, March 15 is a holiday and there will be no work posted.

My office hours will be between 8:30- 2:30 pm. I will be answering emails at this time. Parents and students may both email me with questions.

If you have any questions about login information or need tech support please email Mrs. Wong. Her address is

Mrs. Byrne